On-line the new 3D virtual model of the Apuan caves

Italian version

For more than a year a virtual model of the karst cavities of the northern Apuan Alps was online, now new sectors are added up to reach the figure of 235 km of caves in 3D.

A versatile tool that allows you to literally travel and see the caves through the mountains, made possible by the painstaking and priceless work of Danilo Magnani masterfully assisted by our equally priceless webmaster Marco Menchise.

Thanks also to all collaborators, cavers and Tuscan groups that have contributed to the realization of this project. They would be really too many to mention them all and we would still risk forgetting someone. They are applauded by the Tuscan Speleological Federation, too.

Some data relating to the 3d system currently available online:

235 Km of caves

1040 entrances

279 Km² the area of the Apuan Alps involved

Here are some overview images of the area of the Apuan Alps currently concerned

New areas included with the latest update in the 3D model
Area of the Apuan Alps for which the 3D model is currently available

Translation: Rita De Filippo