The new version of the Caves Registry of the Tuscan Speleological Federation is online


After years of work, the new version of the Caves Registry has been published on the Tuscan Speleological Federation website.

Link to FST Caves Registry website

As in the previous version, all data is accessible and downloadable without registration. It is possible to perform various kinds of searches, viewing the position of the cave entrances on maps and orthophotos, referring to the UTM WGS84 system (EPSG: 32632), and the surveys of the caves, accessing the documents of the Historical Archive, downloading data, surveys, and documents. From the download page you can export data in KML, GPX, GeoJson, CSV formats.

At Present there are about 2050 cave maps in pdf format (among 2300 registered entrances) and over 8000 historical documents in jpg format (resolution 300 dpi). In practice, the entire historical archive of the Caves Registry is online, available for consultation and download.

First draw of “Antro del Corchia” 1841 FST historical archive

In addition, on the page “Historical Texts” you can view and export in pdf format some classical texts concerning karst and caving in Tuscany.

After registering, you can access the reserved section to send new caves to be included in the Caves Registry or to notify the Commission of any corrections or updates to the data of caves already present in the data base.

The online Caves Registry is updated in real time.


Registry Commission

Fallani Fabrizio

Magnani Danilo

Piccini Leonardo

Menchise Marco for Informatic Commission